Party Plan


General Design:

  • Customizable turn-key E-commerce Solutions; includes all B2C Features
  • Corporate Website/E-Commerce Blending
  • Flexible Application Process
  • Event Management
  • Sponsor Member Relationships
  • Referring Customer Relationships
  • Party Plan/Direct Marketing Configurations
  • On-Behalf-Of Order Processing
  • Flexible Commission Plans
  • Member Websites and Back Office
  • Campaign Management
  • Multiple physical or logical Warehouses
  • Website Hosting

Application Sign-up:

  • Member Applications
  • Member Types and Attributes
  • Signup by Product Types
  • Product and Signup Bundling
  • Sponsor Relationships
  • Lead Protection
  • Sponsor Search Feature


  • Access to the latest inPower Tools
  • My Account / Business Center
  • Update Customer Information
  • Manage Member Information
  • New Application Signup
  • Personal Website Wizard
  • Stats and Commissions Reporting

Party Plan:

  • Configurable party types, messaging, and ordering rules
  • Configurable rules for host dollars and 1/2 priced items
  • configurable party auto-responders
  • Easy to manage party schedule
  • Consultant and host portals
  • Track RSVPs, attendance, and future bookings
  • Manage multiple order types: pre-party, party, rewards and
  • settling order
  • Cash out earnings at the end of a Party
  • Ship directly to guests; or drop ship orders to the designated
  • location
  • Track orders by host, guest and consultant
  • Reports: Party earnings, guest orders and closing statement


  • Supports single-level, uni-level, and multi-level commission plans including breakaways
  • Enroller and sponsor hierarchies
  • Single or cross-country sponsorship rules
  • Sales territory hierarchies and rolling operating calendars
  • Unlimited ranks and titles
  • Flexible rank/title qualification, payout and bonus rules
  • Dashboard to perform commission steps
  • Commission audit reports and charts
  • Custom commission activity statement

Replicated Websites and Website Manager:

  • Company branded multi-language website templates
  • Email Inquires
  • Lead Protection for New Customers and Recruits
  • Compliance monitor
  • Configurable website billing engine
  • Multiple auto-responders for website activation / deactivation
  • Website Wizard
  • Create multiple websites with Bio, Testimony, Events and Personal Links
  • Feature multiple products
  • Preview and publish finished Website

Corporate Website/E-Commerce Blending

Supports ease of blending into an existing website, regardless of products or categories. Product pages can be produced in real-time, from the database or from catalog brochures

Flexible Application Signup Process

Provides multiple access points to the application signup process with product bundling

Event Management

Supports ease of management of company or member sponsored events

Sponsor Member Relationships

Provides search capability during application signup for selection of active sponsor if appropriate. Can default to geographic referral in the event of non-selection

Referring Customer Relationships

Provides lead protection and fast start payout potential for the recruiting process

Party Plan Configuration

Provides the tools for a business consultant to setup and administer a party and party guests. Further administration is provided to update customer information and create orders per party activity

On-Behalf-Of Order Processing

Allows party consultants or customer service personnel to place orders on behalf of customers or supporting members, accordingly. This feature is useful in minimizing software complexity and excellent for call centers and overflow order processing

Flexible Commission Plans

Supports setup and configuration of multiple commission plan formats including uni-level, binary, matrix or stair-step breakaway with real-time calculations and robust reporting features

Reward Programs

Provides parameters for controlling the hostess/customer rewards qualification and can be implemented as a frequency purchasing program for points redemption

Member Websites and Back Office

Using highly sophisticated techniques, members can be offered Consultant websites, which are controlled by guidelines, parameters and approval of the company

Campaign Management

As customer-buying behavior drives the business, it is important to follow these trends and keep your customers informed of the latest developments

Website Hosting

As Niche is an integrated ASP services provider, it is an easy and natural decision to have your corporate website hosted with us as well, providing seamless access to all your content and images. Our web hosting service is deployed on a secure and reliable outsourced platform