Business to Consumer


Web Store Configurations:

  • Real-time e-commerce plug-ins and website blending.
  • Member organization events, commissions and rewards programs.
  • Integrated stand-alone or shared catalog
  • Multiple physical or logical Warehouses

Catalogue Configurations:

  • Category hierarchies and listings
  • Multi-dimensional product groupings
  • Parametrically driven product layouts

Selling Configurations:

  • Featured Items / Popular Picks
  • Flexible Search Engine by keywords and Items
  • Up / Side / Substitute-Sells
  • Kitting / Bundles
  • Unlimited Customer/ Member Pricelists
  • Advanced Pricing and Discounting Scenarios
  • Autoship Programs

Back Office Management:

  • Unlimited companies and web stores
  • Unlimited currencies, languages and labels
  • Unlimited catalog items, memberships, events
  • Unlimited customers, orders and sales staff
  • Unlimited e-mail campaigns

Comprehensive Checkout:

  • Customer Registration
  • Address Standardization
  • Shipping Rates
  • Sales Tax Calculations
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Email Confirmations

Payment Methods:

  • Major Credit Cards including JCB
  • Debit Cards
  • Checks
  • On Account (Invoice)
  • Point of Sale

Payment Processing:

  • Verify and authorize credit card payments
  • Automated settlement processing
  • Best-practice encryption techniques


  • Customer Configurable Preferences and Profile Information
  • Sales Rep Assignment and Auto-assign Capability
  • Email Order and Shipment Confirmation
  • Online Order Status and Real-time Order Tracking

Performance & Scalability:

  • Highly mature PL/SQL code-base.
  • Optimized for secured web access and transactions.
  • Multiple configurations for scalability


Corporate Website/E-Commerce Blending

Supports ease of blending into an existing website regardless of products or categories. Product pages can be produced in real-time, from the database or from catalog brochures

Basic Product / Keyword Search

Supports exact and fuzzy matching against product descriptions and keywords to dynamically generate lists of all qualified items from the store catalog

Basic Discount Pricing

Supports multiple discount prices for a product simultaneously. This feature allows the web store to apply pricing based on customer segmentation (e.g., Wholesale, Retail, Preferred)

Up/Side-Sell Relationships

Supports unlimited suggestive selling arrangements. For example, when viewing details for a selected product, the customer will simultaneously see similar products, such as more expensive alternatives or "deluxe" versions. Subsequently, when viewing the shopping cart, the customer will also see complementary items matching the ones currently in the cart

Shipping Rates

Supports custom rates and real-time access to UPS online services to obtain shipping methods/charges for each shipping destination specified in the order. A handling charge can also be applied to each UPS method supported by the web store

Efficient Internet Based Payment Processing

inPowerSuite comes with integrated plug-ins for secured, internet-based, and real-time credit card transaction processing. This service is backed by NOVA Information Systems, one of the top three bankcard processors in the United States. Online authorizations are processed for all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club and JCB. Online batch deposit and settlement is also provided via an internet-based interface

Order Confirmation

Provides online and email order confirmations for each order. Confirmation email can be configured for TEXT or HTML delivery

Order Tracking

Provides ability for returning customers to view order status or to obtain parcel-tracking information