Business to Business


General Design

  • Customizable turn-key E-commerce Solutions; includes all B2C Features
  • Public and Private Web Pages
  • Group Messaging / Mass E-Mails
  • Flexible Supplier / Vendor Application Process
  • Multiple physical or logical Warehouses
  • Interface Design to Flash, HTML, Flex etc.
  • Web Hosting 24x7 and Stand-alone Deployments

Secure Partners:

  • Secured Member Access for Suppliers or Vendors
  • Member Application Process and Forms
  • Event Registration
  • Member Profile Maintenance
  • Membership Dues and Fees
  • Financial Statements
  • Membership Directory
  • Member Communications
  • Suggestions and Comments
  • Rules and Policies

Business Activities:

  • Calendar of Events
  • Event Registration / Confirmation
  • On-Site Credit Card Processing
  • Event Badge and Guest Pass Printing
  • Staff Directory / Bio's
  • Business News, Bulletin Board and Classifieds
  • Surveys and Results


  • Secured Administration Access
  • Member Management
  • Membership Administration
  • Event and Calendar Management
  • Survey Management
  • Staff Directory Management
  • News and Archive Administration
  • Website Administration and Statistics
  • Content Management


Application Management

Self-serve application process for new suppliers or vendors with an on-line renewal process for existing members

Membership Directory

The Member directory includes all pertinent contact information such as name, phone, address, e-mail address, and family information. Clicking on a member's name would allow them to send an e-mail to the corresponding member or member group. Administration screens allow for maintenance of the membership directory

Member Message Board

This module is used by members to view other member message postings. Members can submit a request to the administrator with the information to be placed on the message board and e-mail notifications can be sent to corresponding member groups

Calendar of Events

Manage and extend a monthly calendar of events and activities for the association. Visitors have the option of viewing the calendar by categories or events such as; charities, committee meetings, or all events. Members can view special events for members only


Newsletters can be subscribed to as a monthly on-line communication to the membership about current events and on-goings within the community. These newsletters can be send via email or in PDF format, so the members can print a hard copy

Business News

Important news articles will be highlighted on the home page with a link to the news page for the details on the article. The administration screen will save news articles in the database. News articles will be stored by category

On-line Member Statements

Manage and settle Member monthly statements to include special purchases such as merchandise or tournament tickets within a consolidated statement